We Are Digital Gabba Records (DGR) (Maybe you already know us as Freecore4Records ) We are just a Free / Non-profit/ Hardcore/Underground net label. We still have the same Mission .. We only changed our name and our logo .. We are searching for “Unknown” and Underground Hardcore artists with talent and the ability to work together with promotional effort. We provide promotions by Recording. We record (underground) Ep's/Albums/Podcasts/Remixes/mash-up's and make it findable on Torrents / rapids / nbz /share sites .. ofcourse we Promote you as much as possible. (Underground) .. If you join our label, it wil always be with freedom of music and with non profit intentions. No signing of contracts, you will become a free artist of DGR. You are always free to do whatever you want to .. and you are free in creating your own sound. We never ever pay artists for their work, we are a non profit label because Hardcore is much more than making fast money or getting famous... Our label is build up by pure love for (underground) Core music .. Its our way of life ! We promote From Early-Styled Hardcore till SplitterCore
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